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PiP Studio Tableware

£3.50 - £55.00


A piece of tableware may remind you of a distinctive flavour or memories of family get togethers. With this special range from PiP Studio, you and your children and their children can relive these precious moments and gems until the end of time. PiP’s motto is “Happy products for happy people.” Each products is created to make you happy, to encourage you to bring the family together and create a special occasion or just celebrate life! Many of these beautiful pieces feature layered patterns, designed with a sharp eye for tiny details and special finishing touches, intended to rise above trends. All the products are handmade and all the decorations are hand applied.

These exciting pieces of porcelain are designed to be mixed and matched, so you may buy any of them as a gift for someone and even though the design or colours are different, they still complement each other.

PiP Studio is a lifestyle brand designed by Dutch interior designer Anke Van der Endt. The name PiP comes from Anke’s nickname “PiP”.

Please note: The image you see here shows the key pieces of this collection, but doesn't always include the whole range. The product list beneath the image shows you all the items available in the range.


PiP Studio
Hand wash
PiP Studio Shabby Rectangular Tin

PiP Studio Shabby Rectangular Tin

£15.00 - £20.00

Product code : 68286612

Rated an average of 4.5/5 2 Reviews

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