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Robert Welch RW2 Satin Cutlery

£3.50 - £328.00


Revisiting the classic style of the award-winning 1962 Alveston design (RWI), the RWII range by Robert Welch MBE, is an updated version of one of his most iconic designs. With a brushed satin finish, the sleek outline of each piece is complemented by the soft concave detail of the handles, combining balance and form with a thoroughly modern look, a stunning addition to the dining table. Spoons and forks are expertly crafted from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel, while knives have been forged from specially hardened stainless steel for a precision cutting edge.

For over 50 years, Robert Welch Designs has been designing cutlery, kitchenware, tableware and other unique products for the home. Founded by Robert Welch, M.B.E., Royal Designer for Industry, an iconic and award-winning designer whose work can be seen in museums throughout the world. Still run by the Welch family, a new team of designers continues to pursue excellence and innovative vision while maintaining integrity of function and value for money for customers.

Please note we are not permitted to sell a knife or blade to any person under the age of 18.
Criminal Justice Act 1988 (as amended)

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Robert Welch
Dishwasher safe
Cutlery range
Robert Welch Range
RWII Satin
Robert Welch Type
Stainless Steel

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