Popular FAQ's


Do I need to pre-heat my new Neff oven?
Quick cook or delicate items, for example scones or soufflés benefit from pre-heating, but generally roasts or casseroles work well from a cold start using CircoTherm. Conventional and special functions usually recommend pre-heating.

CircoTherm uses shelves 1/3/4 why is there a shelf 2?
Shelf level 2 gives the Centre oven position for top and bottom/conventional cooking.

Can I use the base of my oven to warm plates etc?
When the CircoTherm setting is being used, there is no element in use in the base of the oven, so it may be used for plate warming. The oven can also be used with the large enamelled roasting pan sitting straight on the base, to optimise space in the oven, which can provide you with extra room, particularly if you are cooking a turkey for Christmas.

Can I put my shelf rails in the dishwasher?
Yes you can and if you do this on a regular basis, you will benefit. Take care not to put telescopic rails in a dishwasher, as the salt can damage the roller bearings.

How do I get roast potatoes crisp in my Neff oven?

To achieve perfect crisp potatoes and brown any food, air is required to flow over it. We would recommend that you bring potatoes to the boil on the hob, drain and toss in about 15ml/1 tbsp oil and place on the grid over the enamelled pan around your joint, alternately you could sit them straight onto wire shelf, over the joint in the enamelled pan and any drips will baste the meat.

How do I cook a crisp skinned jacket potato in my microwave?
This is not possible in a microwave-only model. However if you microwave your potato for 6-7 minutes at 600 watts, then put it into a hot oven, it will cook in just 30 minutes. If you have a combination microwave oven, select 600 watts and 190C hot air oven mode and cook two potatoes for 12-15 minutes to achieve perfect results.

Having crisp crackling on my pork joints is really important to me. How do I achieve this?
You'll achieve perfect crackling by using the CircoRoasting setting for the last 20 minutes of cooking time.