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Yoga Postures

Here are four postures to try – explore each one gently. Focus on your breathing, aiming to hold each position for five breath cycles

Tree Pose

Standing tall, shift your weight on to your left foot. Place the sole of the right foot on the inner thigh of the left leg, toes pointing down. Swap sides.

Child's Pose

Lower your hips back so your bottom is on your heels. Walk your arms forwards and rest your head on the ground.

Warrior Lunge

Come into a lunge with left leg straight and right knee above right foot. Bring the torso upright and lift the arms overhead

Downward Dog

Begin on all fours. Tuck yourtoes under and extend yourlegs, lifting your hips up andback. Lower your heels towardsthe floor, allowing your head tohang between your hands

Yoga Shop

Consider integrating some simple yoga moves into your morning routine. Even a short yoga practice gently revives joints, stretches and strengthens muscles and revitalises the body with fresh oxygen. 

More than a physical workout: one of the main purposes is to bring the mind back into the body. By linking movement and breathing, the easily-distracted mind is guided towards greater awareness, clarity and calm.

Research has shown yoga helps reduce stress, improves sleep quality and even enhances mental performance. The beauty of yoga is its accessibility to all. Gentle, controlled and non-competitive, it allows each person to extend their own range of motion at their own pace. Think of it as a way of reacquainting mind and body.