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Bosch Private Collection Kettle and 2-Slice Toaster, White

Bosch Private Collection Kettle, TWK6031GB, White

2 year guarantee included

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Rated an average of 3.2969/5 64 Reviews

Product information

The Bosch Private Collection kettle has an extremely fast 3.1kW fast boil.

You can fill the kettle through the spout without opening the lid, and there's a neat cable winder in the base that can house excess cord even when you're using the kettle.

This Bosch kettle also has a double-sided water level indicator and a cool touch exterior.

H26 x W24 x D17cm
Eligible for International Delivery

Q & As

Bosch Private Collection Kettle 3.3 5 64 64
A very disappointing purchase The worst kettle I have ever bought - I expected much better quality from Bosch. Just wish I had read some of the other reviews before I bought it. The water gauge is very poor, & though I was very careful in filling for the first "pre-use" boil, the boiling water spilled out of the lid, at the same time causing our main electric fuse to "trip". 2nd attempt the kettle rocked from side to side as it reached boiling point (mentioned in a previous review). Full marks to Norwich John Lewis who gave me a refund without question. 16 December 2014
Very reliable kettle Easy to fill to the right level and avoid wasting water and electricity. Smart and well-designed. 09 December 2014
Poor quality I always though Bosch was a quality make, however this is the second of their kettles that I have had that has developed a leak from the water level indicator. The kettle is only a couple of years old and I will not buy Bosch again. 08 December 2014
doesn't last We brought this kettle in March. It didn't last much time before the water starting pouring out of everywhere on the lid apart from the spout. It has now got so bad that we have contacted John Lewis. I see we are not the only ones with this problem. Would really not recommend buying this kettle to anyone considering it. 25 November 2014
good and bad this kettle looks good and works well, but it is very noisy!!! i have to turn the television or radio up really loud until kettle has boiled 05 November 2014
I wish I'd changed it earlier The black colour fits in with the kitchen and the brand is reputable so we decided to buy it. The lid never popped open fully and when I took it back to compare with the other kettles in stock found that they behaved exactly the same. Decided to keep it and slowly discovered its faults. Pouring is difficult and the water level is not easy to measure. After only twenty-one months, having just finished boiling some water, it gave a bang and a wheeze and died. It looks as if water has got into the element compartment; you can see the marks caused by its demise on the upper surface of the base plate. It could have been nastier, of course - it's known that water and electricity don't mix very well and having exploding kettles next to one isn't exactly life enhancing! 28 October 2014
Not as expected from a top brand The lid of this Bosch kettle is not designed for high use. Within 3 weeks the lid does not hold itself up and I found that to fill the kettle I had to hold the lid open under the tap. I exchanged my first Bosch kettle for another - presuming the fault was a one off. However, within 3 weeks again the same problem arose. 25 October 2014
Short Lifespan The kettle has lasted only 3 months past its 2 year guarantee date. 23 August 2014
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Bosch Private Collection Kettle, TWK6031GB, White

  • 2 year guarantee included

Bosch Private Collection Toaster, TAT6101GB, 2-Slice, White

  • 2 year guarantee included

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