Make Your Own Bird Mask


This bird mask is sure to create a statement and the bright, carnival look is surprisingly easy to create!


  1. Cover the mask template in purple card.
  2. Divide your feathers by colour and create pairs of similar sizes.
  3. Attach strips of double sided tape to the mask and start sticking on your feathers. Attach your feather pairs so they match on each side. Start from the edges and work towards the middle, attaching more tape as needed.
  4. Stick sequins around the eyes to cover some of the ends of the feathers and give a neater finish.
  5. Cut a large piece of yellow foam in the shape of a beak. It is easier to do this if you fold a long strip in half.
  6. Stick this onto the mask. By pushing down on the edges it should help create a tapered 3D effect. Finish with two black card nostrils.

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