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Tempur Original Deluxe 27 Mattress Range

£1,299.00 - £2,419.00


 This mattress by Tempur boasts a comforting, quilted surface that gives the mattress a soft touch to aid a peaceful night’s sleep. 

This is complemented by the Tempur-Tex fabric that actively reduces humidity while you sleep, helping to keep you cool and calm throughout the night. The mattress is filled with visco elastic which relieves uncomfortable pressure points by cradling each part of your body individually. 
A built in Airflow system between the layers of the fillings allows the mattress to breathe and keeps both your and the mattress fresh. The hypoallergenic cover is comforting if you’re asthmatic or suffer from allergies, and it’s easy to remove for machine washing. 
Please note: We recommend you visit one of our shops and try out your mattress choice before ordering online. Not all of our Furniture ranges are on display at every branch. Please phone your nearest branch to check before you visit.


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Mattresses Buying Guide

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