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Create a feature wall

A feature wall will give a room an instant lift and take only a few hours to achieve. Choose statement wallpapers in vintage and retro styles to make a bold, bright statement.

Do a great job

If you're unsure about hanging wallpaper we've got a couple of great video guides to show you how. One tackles the basics while the other concentrates on patterns. There's also a handy buying guide.

No John Lewis store nearby? We have a selection of wallpapers that can be delivered to a
convenient location by selecting our click and collect service in checkout.

Feature Wallpaper

Let your imagnation run riot with some of our bolder, brighter wallpaper designs.

Kitchen & Bathroom

These wallpapers have a special finish that can cope with steamy conditions. Grease and grime can also be removed easily.


Whether they’re into fairies or dinosaurs, we’ve plenty of fun designs to give your little ones the room of ther dreams.


Make a real statement with a wall mural from Surface View. Transform any room with anything from a serene sea view to pages from “The Beano”.