Buy AEG 7000 RCB736E5MX Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, Stainless Steel Online at

AEG 7000 RCB736E5MX Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, Stainless Steel

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H201 x W60 x D65cm

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With its extra-tall design, the AEG RCB736E5MX fridge-freezer provides a sleek finish to your dream kitchen. The design boasts automatic defrost, adaptable storage and even a special cheese drawer.

Adaptable for every taste, with CustomFlex®
Keeping all your fresh ingredients to hand is key to enjoying fresh, delicious food. With CustomFlex® you can organise your fridge storage just the way you want. Rearrange compartments quickly and easily to maximise storage space. This fridge can be adapted to the foods you want to have handy.

Extra Chill drawer
Slow down the maturation of your favourite cheeses and cold cuts by storing them in the Extra Chill drawer. The zone maintains a lower temperature than the rest of the fridge.

Superior 360° Cooling
Keeping your fridge food protected and retaining its quality, 700 Cooling 360° uses a circulation system to constantly move chilled air into every corner, preserving texture, nutrients and flavours. The stainless-steel interior restores cool temperatures after you've opened and closed the fridge door.

Automatic defrost
This appliance has automatic defrost, so you'll never have to plan or worry about defrosting again.

Contemporary DesignLine look
AEG's DesignLine form creates a sleek and contemporary appearance made with quality materials. A seamless look for the modern kitchen with an easy-read digital display.

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