AEG 7000 RCB73726KX Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, 60cm Wide,Stainless Steel

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AEG 7000 RCB73726KX Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, 60cm Wide,Stainless Steel

2 year guarantee included
2 year guarantee included


H200.5 x W59.5 x D64.7cm

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Keeping all your chilled goods and frozen favourites close at hand, this 334L fridge freezer from AEG uses space efficiently to ensure food stays fresher for longer. Designed with frost free technology and various storage options, it's a great size for anyone who wants to get creative in the kitchen.

More room for your groceries
You won't have a problem fitting your groceries into the RCB73726KX. The fridge has a capacity of 243L , a salad crisper drawer that'll keep your fruit and veg fresh and tasty and three shelves to store chilled favourites. The 91L freezer also offers three drawers to accommodate your frozen goods, with clear front panels to make checking on your food easy.

Frost free design saves you work & energy
The frost free design helps to save you time, energy and effort as it prevents ice from building up inside the freezer. This not only saves you the hassle of manually defrosting your fridge freezer, but also keeps it working efficiently.

Adaptable for every taste, with CustomFlex�
Keeping all your fresh ingredients to hand is key to enjoying fresh, delicious food. With CustomFlex� you can organise your fridge storage just the way you want. Rearrange compartments quickly and easily to maximise storage space. This fridge can be adapted to the foods you want to have handy.

TwinTech keeps food fresher for longer
The TwinTech cooling system keeps the best flavours nature has to offer at an optimum temperature. Everything from kale to cucumbers stays at their freshest - for longer. Leaves are crispier, apples are crunchier and everything's tastier. The fridge and freezer compartments work independently to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity to keep foods fresh, or frozen.

Fast Freeze protects frozen loads
The fast freeze function brings the temperature of the freezer down, so that all of your newly purchased frozen items will reach the correct temperature quickly without affecting other food items already stored.

Reliable shelving with safety glass
The freezer's sturdy shelving is made with safety glass, which is less likely to break compared to normal glass. And because of its smooth surface, and accidental spillages can easily be wiped away in an instant.

Bottle Rack
No one likes bottles rolling around their fridge; fortunately this model comes with a bottle rack that's an ideal space-saving way to care for your wines.

Reversible door hinge optimises space
Having a fridge freezer with reversible doors is really handy. Whether you need the appliance to fit into a specific space or want a more ergonomic design, this model can adapt to the space you've created in your home.