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AEG ABB812E6NC Integrated Freezer, 56cm Wide, White

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This integrated freezer from AEG has everything you need to store your groceries in the best conditions. Its frost-free design allows you to make good use of storage, plus the shelves and drawers are removable. The fast freeze function is also really handy; rapidly lowering the internal temperature, locking the nutrients and flavour inside so everything stays delicious and healthy.

Capacity & Storage
This upright model has 220 litres of capacity with four full-width freezer drawers. Saving energy, the transparent freezer drawers mean you can see the contents without having to open a drawer.

Precision Freezing System
The precision freezing system distributes air throughout the freezer ensuring an even temperature is maintained for a perfect freezing result in every drawer.

Keep Your Freezer Ice Free, With No Frost
NoFrost means there's no defrosting. It keeps the freezer ice-free, so you can always be sure of maximum performance and maximum capacity.

Perfectly Fresh Food with Frostmatic
The Frostmatic function activates the maximum freezing power, so your fresh produce freezes as quickly as possible. The freezer then returns to its normal setting.

Touch Control
The temperature display with advanced Touch Controls lets you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. With just the lightest touch of a finger, you can adjust the settings with precision. The display relays feedback about the current temperature and functions selected.

Reversible Door
Reversible door hinge gives the flexibility to have a left or right side opening door. The cupboard door can be mounted directly onto the appliance door, to give that integrated look. Thanks to its special door hinges, the freezer ensures a soft and precise door-closing performance while reassuring you the door will not remain open unnoticed.

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