AEG ABE8122VNC Integrated Freezer, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White



H122.4cm x W55.6cm x D54.9cm
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Energy rating

98 L


holds 6 shopping bags

Fast freeze

Freezes food more quickly, retaining more flavour and freshness

Defrost type
Frost free
Freezer drawers/shelves
Backing material
Reversible door
Temperature display
Noise level
Quiet Mark
Minimum ambient operating temperature
Maximum ambient operating temperature
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The ABE8122VNC integrated freezer from AEG is equipped with NoFrost - the best ice-free technology available. With NoFrost you can be sure of a high-performing freezer that never requires defrosting. NoFrost freezers also offer efficient and effective freezing with quicker, more even freezing for better food preservation.

This freezer also comes with Frostmatic - ideal for freezing fresh food quickly, preserving the flavour, colour, texture and nutritional value. When just-bought fresh food is added to your freezer, it's vital that the required freezing temperature is reached rapidly. Using the Frostmatic function, this freezer rapidly reaches its maximum freezing power to freeze everything quickly. This preserves your food's appearance, as well as the goodness inside. Once everything is frozen, the appliance restores the standard setting.

Intuitive touch controls provide instant feedback, are easy to use and look sleek in the kitchen. In addition, thanks to its special door hinges, this upright freezer ensures a soft and precise door-closing performance while making sure the door will not remain open unnoticed. For extra precautions, visible and audible alarms will alert you as soon as the temperature rises too high.

As well as the easy open doors, access to the freezer is simple with four full-width, transparent freezer drawers with safety glass shelves.

Child-proof control panel protection ensures that the appliance cannot be switched off accidentally, as the on/off button has to be depressed continuously for several second before being activated.

This great freezer also has an A++ energy rating, reversible doors to provide for left or right side opening door, and door on door installation to give that integrated look.

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