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AEG BPE642020M Built-In Single Oven, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the oven to fit

H600mm x W560mm x D550mm (min)

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Has an even temperature throughout for consistent cooking

Pyrolytic enamel

Pyrolytic lining absorbs grease and food at high temperatures

Boasting an impressive A+ energy rating and plenty of useful features, the BPE642020M Built-In Single Oven from AEG is sure to bring ease and versatility to home cooking, while helping you keep a green home.

Thanks to AEG's SenseCook feature, an integrated probe measures the exact cooking temperature inside the food, allowing you to cook with precision and to perfection, without ever having to open the door.

For added convenience, this low-maintenance oven is equipped with a total self-cleaning function that heats up to 500°C and turns food residue to ash. The only task left is to sweep away the remains, without the need for harsh chemicals or continuous scrubbing.

Intuitive touch controls provide instant feedback as well as being easy to use and looking the part.

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