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AEG BPS551020M Built-In Multifunction Oven, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the oven to fit

H590mm x W560mm x D546mm (min)

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Has an even temperature throughout for consistent cooking

Pyrolytic enamel

Pyrolytic lining absorbs grease and food at high temperatures

Equipped with an excellent A+ energy rating, generous capacity and a range of modern features, the BPS551020M Built-In Multifunction Oven from AEG is an ideal, versatile option for any household.

For complete flexibility, multifunction cooking combines all the benefits of hot air cooking with other processes, like conventional cooking, allowing you achieve a perfectly-cooked result.

AEG's SteamBake feature adds steam at the beginning of the baking process to deliver cakes, bread and pastries that are golden on the outside and tender on the inside.

Cool to the touch
Thanks to its quadruple-glazed IsoFront door, the outside of the BPS551020M remains cool to the touch, for added peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Consistent heating
The BPS551020M boasts an additional heating ring to make sure every dish is evenly cooked throughout, even when loaded with up to 3 trays.

Hot air
AEG's new Hot Air convection system circulates warm currents evenly throughout the oven cavity. This results in faster heat-up times and reduced cooking temperatures, saving you both time and energy.

Timer display
For added control, the advanced Hexagon timer display lets you enter your desired start and stop times into the clear LCD screen, leaving the oven to automatically begin and end as instructed.

With AEG's Pyrolytic lining, cleaning your oven is quick and easy. At the touch of a button, your oven is heated up to 500°C to burn away grease and dirt, leaving you to simply sweep away the remaining ash.

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