AEG FEB52600ZM Semi-Integrated Dishwasher, Stainless Steel



H82-88 x W60 x D55cm

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Includes tableware, cutlery & glasses



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Save your time for the fun things in life with the AEG FEB52600ZM Integrated Dishwasher.

In a sleek, stainless steel design, the FEB52600ZM is packed with features.

Faster drying times
AirDry technology provides perfect drying results by opening the door 10cm automatically during the drying cycle, providing natural air drying.

Protection for delicate glasses
Our SoftSpikes are perfect for delicate wine glasses, improving stability to avoid them, or worse breaking. Plus there’s a GlassCare 45° programme too, to help ensure correct cleaning.

A real TimeSaver
The TimeSaver function allows additional flexibility, with the option to reduce programme cycle times by up to 50%.

Advanced sensors
AEG dishwashers automatically adjust the time, temperature and water usage according to the soil level of each load. Enjoy customised cycles for each wash for optimised results every time.

Capacity: 13 place settings
Capacity is based on 'IEC' standard place settings. This standard allows you to compare the capacity of dishwashers using a common measure.

Sensors in the dishwasher, measure the size of the load and the level of soiling. The wash programme is then adjusted to give the best possible performance whilst keeping water, electricity and detergent to a minimum.

  • 4 temperature settings
  • 5 programmes including:
  • 30 min 60° quickwash: For an extra quick wash or freshen up.
  • Glass 45° C wash: Glass programme suitable for all dishwasher-safe glassware.
  • Auto half load: determines whether there is a full or half load and moderates the water and energy consumption accordingly.
  • Multi-tab: Optimises the cleaning results of all-in-one detergents by ensuring that all the elements of the detergent are used in the correct phase of the cycle for perfect results.
  • Delay start of up to 24 hours: Set the wash programme to start in up to 24 hours – so you can get with your day.
  • Time remaining indicator: See how long it will take for the current the programme to ends.

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