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AEG KDE911423M Integrated Vacuum Drawer, Silver



H14cm x W54.5cm x D51cm

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With the KDE911423M Integrated Vacuum Drawer from AEG, you can seal your ingredients to lock in their freshness and flavour, so they're perfectly preserved and ready to use when you are.

This method can help retain the freshness of ingredients up to 3 times longer than refrigeration storage, as well as preserve moisture and enhance the infusion of flavours when cooking in a SousVide oven.

You can recreate authentic flavours from around the world with just a fraction of the marinating time - simply place your food and spices inside the vacuum sealer drawer, close the lid and push the button.

Other impressive features include an easy push-pull mechanism, a 6-litre chamber, and settings for marinating/infusion, maximum vacuum, medium vacuum, minimum vacuum and sealing time.

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