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AEG KME861000M CombiQuick Built-In Compact Oven with Microwave, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the microwave to fit

45cm x 56cm x 55cm

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Master maximum flavour in half the time with AEG's KME861000M CombiQuick Compact Oven that lets you bake, microwave and grill with ease, or combine cooking methods for optimum results.

AEG's new Hot Air convection system circulates warm currents evenly throughout the oven cavity. This results in faster heat-up times and up to a 20% reduction in cooking temperatures, saving you both time and energy.

What's more, the 1000W microwave lets you reheat, cook and defrost your dishes, while the efficient grill is quicker than traditional ovens and will toast, crisp or brown in no time.

As for its design, the KME861000M features a touch-sensitive command wheel for intuitive operation and total control, an easy-clean enamel lining, an LCD screen, and an Isofront Plus oven door that stays cool to the touch.

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