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AEG KSE782220M Built-In Compact Single Oven with Steam, Stainless Steel



H45.5cm x W59.4cm x D56.7cm

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Combining style and functionality, the KSE782220M Compact Steam Oven from AEG will make home cooking simple, while helping you achieve irresistible flavour and texture.

This SteamBoost oven makes the most of your food's natural flavours. The addition of steam locks in moisture to deliver juicy and succulent meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts.

For consistent results, the SenseCook feature uses a built-in probe to measure the exact cooking temperature inside the food, allowing you to cook with precision and to perfection, without ever having to open the door.

What's more, AEG's Hot Air convection system circulates warm currents evenly throughout the oven cavity. This results in faster heat-up times and up to a 20% reduction in cooking temperatures, saving you both time and energy.

As for its design, the KSE782220M features intuitive touch controls that provide instant feedback and a SoftMotion soft closing door that stays cool to the touch thanks to Isofront technology.

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