Buy AEG SCE8182VNC Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Fixed Door Hinge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White Online at

AEG SCE8182VNC Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Fixed Door Hinge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White


The size of the space needed for the appliance to fit

1769 x 556 x 549mm

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Energy rating

247 L


holds 15 shopping bags


Fridge shelves

The SCE8182VNC integrated fridge freezer has lots of room for the weekly shop, and is brimming with all the clever features and technology that you’d expect from AEG.

The key feature of this great appliance is the pioneering TwinTech technology. This system ensures exceptional freshness for all your food. With Twintech, one cooling system chills the freezer, keeping it NoFrost. The other cools the fridge, ensuring that the fridge temperature is cold, stable and has the correct level of humidity.

As it is a NoFrost freezer, you will never need to defrost it, and it will always remain frost free, so your food won’t get stuck together and you won’t lose any space to ice build-ups. NoFrost freezers also offer more efficient and effective freezing with quicker, more even freezing for better food preservation.

Keeping all your fresh ingredients to hand is key to creating fresh, delicious dishes. That is why the Customflex refrigerator from AEG lets you organise your fridge storage just the way you want. With Customflex you can move and rearrange bins quickly and easily to maximise storage space. This fridge features 3 full-width and 1 flexi-shelf glass shelves, and 2 half width salad drawers with glass lids. In addition the shelves are made of tough, durable safety glass and can support even the heaviest of items.

Intuitive touch controls provide instant feedback, are easy to use and look sleek in the kitchen. They let you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The controls are so sensitive that you can adjust the settings precisely with just the lightest touch of a finger.

This appliance also features self-closing doors. Leaving your fridge or freezer door open results in wasted energy and rising temperatures, potentially causing your food to spoil, so AEG have designed them to close all on their own if you leave them open accidentally.

The holiday setting feature allows you to empty the refrigerator when you go away on holiday. It maintains the internal temperature of the cabinet at an economical 15ºC, preventing the formation of odours and mould in the empty fridge.

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