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AEG SFE6881VAS Integrated Fridge, A++ Energy Rating, 54cm Wide



H87.3cm x W54cm x D54.9cm

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Energy rating

Average annual cost: £23.25

109 L


holds 6 shopping bags


Fridge shelves

The SFE6881VAS from AEG is a great little fridge that will fit snugly under most kitchen counters, while taking good care of your weekly shop.

It features a Frostmatic 4-star freezer compartment which freezes fresh food quickly and safely to better preserve the flavour, colour, texture and nutritional value. Plus, with AEG's no-frost technology, you'll never have to defrost your fridge again.

The premium, modern LED lighting provides clear illumination of your fridge's contents, and you’ll love how easy it is to keep it spotless with specially rounded interior corners that make cleaning fast, simple and effective. What's more, the durable safety glass shelves with metal trim can safely store even the heaviest items.

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