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AEG SKE8122VAC Integrated Fridge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White



H121.9cm x W55.6cm x D55cm

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Average annual cost: £15.86

202 L


holds 12 shopping bags


Fridge shelves

Salad drawers
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AEG’s smart-looking SKE8122VAC fridge has enough storage space to keep most households happy, all laid out in simple, easy to use shelves and compartments. With four shelves, two salad draws, and plenty of in-door racks, there’s lots of room to keep your weekly shopping fresh, crisp and nutritious.

It will stay that way for longer too, with advanced Touch Controls enabling you to take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The display relays feedback about the current temperature and any functions selected, with buttons so sensitive the settings can be adjusted with just the lightest touch of a finger.

Premium, modern LED lighting produces bright and even light that shines into every corner of your fridge, with a nice and gentle rise-on effect on opening the door. Plus, LED technology is smaller and more energy efficient, for more space inside and lower energy bills.

Forgetting to close the door of the SKE8122VAC won’t be a problem either because it's designed to close all on its own when left open accidentally – so even less wasted energy and no rising temperatures that could potentially cause your food to spoil.

AEG also know how important a clean fridge is for hygienic food storage, so the interior features rounded corners that are easy to clean and don't trap any dirt or bacteria.

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