ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners Dine Tableware

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The same tableware, a new name
This range used to be known as House Eat, so if you’ve previously bought from our House Eat range and are looking to add to your collection this tableware will match.

First introduced in 2011 as House Eat tableware, the collection is now called Dine. It captures everything that its designer, Robin Levien, believes in: functionality, affordability and beauty. Every single piece of the collection has been carefully designed to be as functional and beautiful as it can be, as well as easy to use for modern living.

The tableware is made using the most up-to-date production techniques in the industry. This enables the wide variety of shapes within the range to be made at the highest quality and at an affordable price.

With great prices and great design, our new brand offers style and quality for modern living today. Whatever you need, there’s joy to be found in ANYDAY.