Our principles

Liz Earle

Our Principles

Our principles are the same today as they were on day one.

Our ingredients

High performance, quality and safe ingredients are our priority. Working closely with our ingredient growers, harvesters and providers is very important to us and we really believe it is worth the extra effort when we see the difference our ingredients make to our products.

Responsible sourcing

We are passionate about responsible sourcing. Our botanical and formulation experts balance factors such as performance, sustainability, ethics and organic practices to determine the best source for us to use.

Animal testing

We never do it.

No animal ingredients

None of our ingredients are derived directly from animals. However, in some of our formulations we use animal-friendly ingredients such as beeswax and manuka honey. All our products are suitable for vegetarians.

Plant oils and extracts

We love plant oils and extracts for their unique chemistry and use them at levels that really make a difference.

Only mineral sunscreen

We only use mineral sun filters, which reflect rather than absorb the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Reflective mineral sunscreens provide effective broad-spectrum UV protection for even the most sensitive of skins.

Genetically engineered ingredients

We never use them.


Some of our formulations are preservative-free. We do use preservatives when absolutely essential for product safety. 
We use relatively low concentrations of the highest grade, 
broad-spectrum preservatives and consider natural preservatives wherever possible.

Vitamin E

We only use potent, premium natural source vitamin E.


We carefully consider all our packaging to ensure that it is 
best for our products while minimising its impact upon 
the environment.

Our environment

It's our legacy too, so we're always working on improving our environmental impact following the principles 'reduce, re-use, recycle'. We know we are not perfect but the more we do, the better we get. Progress not perfection.