Our story

Liz Earle

Our story

In 1995, our co-founders Liz Earle and Kim Buckland extended their long friendship into a business partnership.

Liz and Kim met at the start of their careers when they both worked together before embarking on different paths within the beauty industry.

Liz, through her in-depth research, became a specialist in botanical ingredients, natural health and wellbeing. As a beauty editor, author of over 30 books and TV presenter, she became a ­well-known and respected authority in these areas.

Kim realised that there was an opportunity for a trusted beauty specialist within the skincare market; for someone with a genuine knowledge of 'naturally active' ingredients to develop a product range and provide expert advice and tips on beauty and health issues.

Kim rang Liz and asked her if she had ever thought of launching her own range of products - and the rest is history!