Behind the Brand

Tom Ford - Behind the Brand
Tom Ford - Behind the Brand

A man whose name is synonymous with contemporary design and provocative imagery, Tom Ford is a traditionalist at heart. Though his fashion and beauty sense has a powerful influence on the mood of the moment, his influences are always rooted in the values of the past.

As Ford says, "I'm seduced by style, luxury, exclusivity, and glamour, qualities that are hard to find in our disposable society. Taking classic elements and reinventing them for a sophisticated customer is my idea of modern".

The Modern Master of Luxury

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ford's design philosophy was shaped at an early age by the women he saw around him, including a grandmother who was the very definition of "style". During his teens, Ford moved to New York City, where he initially studied art history and architecture, two disciplines that became foundational to his point of view as a fashion designer.

Ford's breakout role in the fashion world began in 1990, when the iconic Italian fashion house, Gucci, named him Women's Wear Designer. His work there reinvented Gucci for a new era and by 1994, as Creative Director, he was responsible for the design of everything from fashion to fragrance, advertising, and store design. During the 10 years that followed, Gucci became one of the largest and most profitable luxury brands in the world.

In 2004, Tom Ford left Gucci Group to form his own company and create the Tom Ford brand. A beauty and eyewear collection debuted first in 2005, and his first flagship store, devoted to luxury menswear, opened to critical acclaim in New York City two years later.

Throughout his career, Ford has been fascinated by fragrance. Having honed his skill at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent earlier in his career, Ford now creates scents that are uncompromising expressions of his own unique vision. His first women's fragrance, Tom Ford Black Orchid, debuted in 2006 and made waves in the beauty world for its boldness and depth. One year later, he launched his first men's fragrance, Tom Ford For Men, and most recently he has launched Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, a masterful new rendition of the cool and intriguing possibilities of vetiver.

Ford created Tom Ford Beauty to be the first true luxury beauty brand of the 21st century, a very personal proposition that delivers the authenticity, artistry, and distinctive point of view that is missing in today's mega brands. "My mission is to bring luxury back, expressed through my voice and my style," Ford said. "It is important to me to instill glamour in everything I do."