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Bertazzoni Master Series Twin Dual Fuel Range Cooker, Matt Black



H89.5 x W99.5 x D60cm

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This double oven range cooker by Bertazzoni combines a range of different functions with distinctive style so you can enjoy total versatility in the kitchen. The auxiliary oven has four modes, whilst the main oven has an impressive 11 functions to choose from.

Six gas burners, including a dual-ring power burner, let you prepare multiple dishes simultaneously and can offer everything between a gentle simmer and full boiling power.

Cook a huge range of dishes with modes ranging from convection heating and baking to grilling and warming (there’s even a pizza mode), and enjoy energy efficiency thanks to triple-glazed glass doors which minimise heat loss. The infrared grill offers powerful cooking over a large surface area. A balanced air-flow ensures heat distribution is even throughout the oven. The oven can operate with or without the convection fan.

The oven is available in a range of colours and is easy to control with soft-touch knobs. The anti-slam system ensures the doors will close softly to avoid damage and loud noise. Height-adjustable legs let you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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