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Footwear Style
Main Shoe Material
upper: suede, sole: EVA, lining: sheepskin

Brand information & size guide

Birkenstock can trace their shoemaking heritage back more than two hundred years. In 1774, Johann Adam Bikenstock was registered as a “subject and shoemaker” in church archives. In 1896, Johann’s grandson, Konrad Birkenstock, owner of two specialist footwear stores in Frankfurt, began to produce the contoured insoles for which the brand is now renowned.
Each contour in a Birkenstock shoe is designed to work with the natural shape of the foot, which means more comfort for the wearer and a longer lifespan for the shoes. Features such as an elevated footbed edge; toe bars to encourage a natural rolling movement and reduce shock; cross arch support; and a cork latex footbed, all promote a healthy walking movement. The high quality materials used and the generations of experience behind each shoe ensure they are built to last.
24037L 6; M 44,5
24538L 7; M 55,0
25039L 8; M 65,5
26040L 9; M 77,0
26541L 10; M 87,5
27042L 11; M 98,0
28043M 109,0
28544M 119,5
29045M 1210,5
30046M 1311,5
30547M 1412,0
31048M 1513,0
32049M 1614,0
32550M 1714,5

The measurements shown on the size chart are body measurements. These are average measurements for guidance to determine which size is right for you.
Please note, actual measurements may vary slightly by style.

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  • Buy Birkenstock Boston Suede Slippers, Black, 7 Online at
  • Buy Birkenstock Boston Suede Slippers, Black, 7 Online at
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