Buy Bosch KIV87VF30G Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Fixed Door Hinge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White Online at

Bosch KIV87VF30G Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Fixed Door Hinge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White


The size of the space needed for the appliance to fit

H179cm x W56cm x D55cm

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Energy rating

Average annual cost: £22.70

272 L


holds 17 shopping bags


Fridge shelves

Defrost type
Manual defrost freezer, auto defrost fridge
Freezer drawers/shelves
Salad drawers
Fridge freezer split
Backing material
Aluminium laminate
Antibacterial protection
Fridge position
Hinging type
Reversible door
Minimum ambient operating temperature
Maximum ambient operating temperature
Guarantee included
H179cm x W55cm x D55cm
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Product code
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With a 209-litre capacity fridge and a 63-litre freezer, the Bosch KIV87VF30G fridge freezer offers ample storage to meet the needs of most families. It has a low frost system for quicker defrosting, simple electronic controls, digital temperature control and a highly economical A++ energy rating.

Low frost
Thanks to sophisticated sensor technology that constantly monitors fridge and freezer temperatures, your food is stored at an even, steady temperature, so helping to maintain its freshness and flavour. Low frost technology limits the formation of ice and helps to speed up the process of defrosting so that it can be carried out quickly and the appliance speedily returned to normal operation.

Fast freeze
The four-star rated, manual defrost freezer has a fast freeze facility so that you can freeze up to 3kg of fresh food every 24 hours. This function protects frozen food from defrosting when you add new food to the freezer, and the newly loaded food freezes faster. Once the required temperature is reached, the freezer returns to normal operation, so avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. The freezer has two transparent drawers, including an extra-deep box suitable for larger items such as a turkey.

Versatile storage
With five full-width shelves and a salad drawer, the fridge offers family size storage. Sturdy safety glass shelves can support heavy items such as casserole dishes at every level of the fridge. Adjustable in-door trays mean you can adapt the space to accommodate a varied range of bottles and jars. A bright LED interior light helps you to locate particular items easily.

Low energy
Advanced controls allow you to control your fridge freezer easily - simply set the desired temperature using the LED indicator. Low energy consumption means the appliance qualifies for an A++ Energy Rating.

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