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Bosch PXX275FC1E Flex Induction Hob, Black


The size of the space needed for the hob to fit

H4.96cm x W18.58cm x D40.59cm

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Induction hob

Safer to use & heats up faster than a standard electric hob



Boasting both style and functionality, the panoramic PXX275FC1E Flex Induction Hob from Bosch lets you place your pots and pans side by side, for ultimate control and effortless multitasking.

Induction technology
Induction cooking gives almost instant heat that's generated directly in your cookware, allowing you to precisely control the temperature at which you cook.

FlexInduction Zone
Pots and pans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so thanks to flexInduction, you have the flexibility to adjust your cooktop to match by joining induction zones to create a larger heated surface. Your cookware can then be positioned anywhere within this area, and still receive quick, even heat.

Another advanced feature of the PXX275FC1E is the powerBoost function that increases power to speed up the cooking process. For example, this hob can now boil 2 litres of water almost 3 times as fast as a conventional ceramic hob.

FryingSensor Plus
What's more, fryingSensor Plus detects and maintains the desired pan temperature based on 4 frying levels or 9 programmes, and holds it steady to avoid scorching and deliver perfect results.

Bosch's intuitive control panel offers complete control of all cooking zones at your fingertips - quickly and effortlessly select the exact power level you require and let the PXX275FC1E take care of the rest.

Additional features:

  • PerfectFry for optimum browning
  • Timer with switch-off function
  • ReStart function
  • QuickStart function
  • Energy consumption display
  • Variable 17-stage power settings
  • Automatic pan recognition

Please note: there should be a minimum height clearance of 65cm between an electric hob and the cooker hood above it.

Please note: there should be a minimum height clearance of 65cm between an electric hob and the cooker hood above it.

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