Bosch Serie 2 KSV29NWEPG Freestanding Fridge, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, White

Buy Bosch Serie 2 KSV29NWEPG Freestanding Fridge, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, White Online at

Bosch Serie 2 KSV29NWEPG Freestanding Fridge, A++ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, White

2 year guarantee included
2 year guarantee included


H161 x W60 x D65cm

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A spacious fridge allows you to cut down on time spent food shopping. Opting for this 290L model from Bosch, with its interchangeable storage options and SuperCooling functionality, means you spend less time stressing at the supermarket and more time at home cooking the foods you know and love.

Capacity & Storage
This upright model has 290 litres of capacity with five full-width shelves, four of which are adjustable. drawers. There's also four handy shelves attached to the door for condiments, wine bottle and milk alike.

SuperCooling stores your weekly shop at the optimal temperature
Activate the SuperCooling function before you go shopping ensures any fresh produce that you buy is kept at the right temperature when you return. The temperature is lowered by pushing a button (2°C at the lowest) and, to prevent unnecessary power consumption, the function automatically switches back after 6 hours.

MultiBox drawer
The MultiBox transparent drawer is ideal for storing fruits and vegetables, making sure that larger items such as a big lettuce have enough space without the crush.

Temperature Display
The adjustable temperature display lets you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The display relays feedback about the current temperature and functions selected, and you'll be able to adjust everything at the touch of a button.

Reliable shelving with safety glass
All the shelves are made from extra strong, easy-to-clean safety glass. If something tips over, the spillage is contained and does not spill into the rest of the refrigerator compartment.

LED lighting
Energy-efficient LED lights illuminate every corner of the fridge, without any glare. They use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last the lifetime of the appliance.

Reversible door hinge optimises space
Having a fridge with reversible doors is really handy. Whether you need the appliance to fit into a specific space or want a more ergonomic design, this model can adapt to the space you've created in your home.