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Bosch Serie 4 BFL523MS0B Built-In Microwave, Stainless Steel



H38.2 x W59.4 x D31.7cm

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The higher the wattage, the quicker the microwave cooks

20L capacity

A typical family sized microwave is between 20 and 30L

With its sophisticated design and convenient 20-Litre capacity, Bosch's Serie 4 BFL523MB0B microwave will integrate beautifully into your kitchen. Making everyday cooking simple, its AutoPilot 7 feature includes 7 pre-set programs that make sure every recipe is a perfect success. With defrost, re-heat and cooking functionality enabled with its powerful 800W maximum output, it ensures straightforward and time-saving food preparation.

As for its sleek design, its black and stainless steel finish together with an electronic door opening, LED display panel and both touch and retractable dials, make it a smart choice for your modern kitchen.

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