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Bosch Serie 6 KGE49AWCAG Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer, White

  • 2 year guarantee included
Energy Efficiency Rating C
  • 2 year guarantee included
Energy Efficiency Rating C


H201 x W70 x D65cm

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Antibacterial protection
No Antibacterial Protection
Appliance width
Audible temperature alarm
Average annual energy cost
Backing material
Aluminium laminate
Bottle capacity
Cable length (m)
Chiller zone
Country of origin
Auto defrost
Defrost type
Low Frost
H201 x W70 x D65cm
Energy rating - overall
Fan cooling in fridge
Fast freeze
Freezer defrost type
Low Frost
Freezer drawers/shelves
Freezing capacity (24 hours)
Fridge defrost type
Frost Free
Fridge freezer split
Fridge freezer type
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2 year guarantee
Hinging type
Holiday mode
Home appliance features
Fast Freeze, Reversible Door, Safety Glass Shelves, Temperature Display
Installation required
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Maximum ambient operating temperature
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Model name / number
Net storage (freezer)
Net storage (fridge)
Noise level
Noise level rating
Number of doors
Number of freezer shelves
Number of fridge shelves
Number of salad drawers
Power cut safe time
44 hours
Product code
Quiet mark
Not Accredited
Serie 6
Reversible door
Safety glass shelves
Smart technology
Not Smart Technology Enabled
Temperature display
Temperature warning light
Keeping all your chilled goods and frozen favourites close at hand, this 413L fridge freezer from Bosch uses space efficiently to ensure food stays fresher for longer. Designed with auto defrost technology and various storage options, it's a great size for anyone who wants to get creative in the kitchen.

More room for your groceries
You won't have a problem fitting your groceries into the KGE49AICAG. The fridge has a capacity of 302L, a salad crisper drawer that'll keep your fruit and veg fresh and tasty and five shelves to store chilled favourites. The 111L freezer also offers three drawers to accommodate your frozen goods, with clear front panels to make checking on your food easy.

Low frost saves work & energy
Low frost technology ensures a reduced amount of ice formation in your freezer so you won't have to defrost as often. If you do need to defrost, there's a practical vent at the base of the appliance for a quick, fuss-free fix.

Custom Storage Options
Why have a freezer if it's not practical? No matter whether you have to cater for a child's birthday or freeze a wedding cake, in the BigBox compartment you'll find enough space for large frozen goods, gateaux and pizza alike.

Easy to use shelving
The shatterproof, frameless glass shelves are particularly easy to use, thanks to the smooth pull-out mechanism. Plus they're adjustable, giving you complete flexibility when you need more space and an ideal feature if you're storing larger items, like upright bottles or bowls, frequently.

VitaFresh keeps food fresher for longer
Healthy living has never been so easy. The VitaFresh freshness system creates the ideal storage conditions for all your fresh food thanks to extra low temperatures and adjustable humidity control. The moisture conditions in the drawer can be adjusted, so your fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for longer.

FreshSense maintains a constant temperature
This clever technology monitors and controls your fridge freezer to ensure temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum. Creating optimum storage conditions, ice cream, for instance, is neither too soft nor too hard and your chilled food keeps its freshness and flavour for longer.

LED lighting
Energy-efficient LED lights illuminate every corner of the fridge, without any glare. They use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last the lifetime of the appliance.

Fast Freeze protects frozen loads
The fast freeze function brings the temperature of the freezer down, so that all of your newly purchased frozen items will reach the correct temperature quickly without affecting other food items already stored.

Reliable shelving with safety glass
The freezer's sturdy shelving is made with safety glass, which is less likely to break compared to normal glass. And because of its smooth surface, and accidental spillages can easily be wiped away in an instant.

Chrome wire rack large enough for six bottles
Enjoy a convenient storage space for your bottles thanks to the chrome wire wine rack in the fridge. It can store up to six bottles, so you'll have extra space on your fridge shelves to store more of your everyday groceries.

Temperature Display
With separate controls for the fridge and freezer compartments, this appliance gives you more control over how your food is stored. You can set the temperatures to match your own specific preferences, and adjust them as and when your needs change.

Holiday Mode
This energy-saving function allows your fridge freezer to run efficiently while you are away from home. Helping you save money and the planet all in one easy press of a button, it'll also mean there's no nasty odours or mould to greet you when you come back home.

Reversible door hinge optimises space
Having a fridge freezer with reversible doors is really handy. Whether you need the appliance to fit into a specific space or want a more ergonomic design, this model can adapt to the space you've created in your home.

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