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Experience the ultimate in styling power

Working together with scientists and stylists, we develop breakthrough technology that is designed to empower you. ghd offers everything you need to dry, style, curl, maintain and protect your hair to the highest possible standard.

That's why ghd is loved by professionals and used in salons across the world. Because there's one thing we expect as standard – a good hair day, every day.

Discover the world of ghd

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Our top tips

We've let you into a few little ghd style secrets

  • Take your time! Hold the section of hair flat between your fingers and glide your styler smoothly through your hair at the same speed as if you were gently brushing it from root to ends.
  • Always use heat protection spray prior to styling with ghd platinum® to help provide protection against everyday heat damage.
  • Look after and store your styler. When has cooled down, it should be stored without wrapping the cable around the styler as this will shorten the life of the product.
  • Don't squeeze the plates too tightly. Your grip should be firm enough that your hair is held securely, but your fingers and thumb should still feel relaxed.
  • Don't use a styler on wet or damp hair. Ensure the hair is thoroughly dry before using the platinum ®styler.