Brissi Mirror Range

A beautiful, timeless mirror that would make an elegant statement in any living space. It's bright, airy and not fussy, with a simple frame that highlights the reflective surface of the mirror.


Brissi is a beautiful homeware company that contrast cool contemporary products to complement eclectic antique pieces, creating an inviting space. Founders Arianna Brissi and Siobhan McKeating personally source every piece from specialist suppliers and developed exclusive designs with individual craftsmen in the UK and abroad.

Arianna initially opened her first store in 2001 but it wasn’t until 2004 when Siobhan McKeating joined that the business expanded and they explored their mutual love of interior design. After they united, the Notting Hill store soon opened which became a place of beauty, luxury and serenity. They now have five stores around the UK and are looking to expand in their signature ranges of beautiful products for the home.

Fitting instructions

When fitting your mirror please install using a person who is competent in DIY and use the fixings that are on the opposite sides of the mirror.

This mirror will use strap hangers and can be fixed to ether a brick wall, using steel screws, or a cavity wall, using cavity bolts. Never hang this mirror on a damp wall. Drill holes into the wall at a slight downward slope and secure with 5mm of the screw still showing. Ensure the fixings are strong enough to support the weight of the mirror. Hang the strap directly on to the screw head and your mirror should now be hung securely on the wall; under no circumstance should you use a cord, wire or chain to hang.

Wall fixings are not provided. A generic hanging and fitting instruction manual is included.

No longer available online