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Waking up in the morning is a challenge for many of us, but it's certainly heightened in the winter when nights are longer and we find ourselves getting up in the dark. For many people, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real problem in terms of feeling low and lethargic, or at worst even depressed, during those darker months, and many have sought relief by using SAD or daylight lights to help boost light levels in order to feel more alert.

We stock a number of these SAD lamps, and also wake-up lights combined with alarm clocks. These wake you gently in the morning by mimicking a gradual sunrise, and some have a fading sunset function too to help you nod off at night. In this way they can help to regulate your sleep/wake cycle, and improve feelings of energy and wellbeing, so even if you don't suffer from SAD, a wake-up light can still bring benefits in making it a little easier to start your day.