Beds Buying Guide

Sleep easy with the right foundations – our guide helps you to find your new bed, for a better night’s sleep

If you’ve had your bed for over 10 years, its materials could have deteriorated by up to 75% - to avoid this, we recommend changing your bed every 7-10 years

Bed types

Bed frames

More decorative than divan bases, bed frames have static slats (for firm support) or sprung slats (more responsive) to support the mattress

Guest beds

Guest beds

Guest beds are two single beds stored in the space of one, or a folding bed, so when they're not being used they don't take up much space


Divan bases

A divan base supports the mattress and significantly affects your sleeping surface. If you’re buying a divan base, try it with your mattress type if possible

Inflatable beds

Inflatable beds are designed for occasional use. They’re comfortable and easily stored when not in use, making them great for tight spaces

Storage beds

Storage beds feature wheeled drawers or a hydraulic base that can be lifted even with a mattress on it – perfect for storing bed linen and duvets

Children%27s beds

Children's beds

We have a variety of children's beds: bunk beds can be taken apart to make two singles, while mid-sleepers and cabin beds add storage

Our beds are handmade by some of Britain’s most experienced bed makers; the child compliancy message means a bed has undergone strict tests to ensure it's safe for children

Divan base types

Solid top/platform edge

Upholstered top with no springs, giving the mattress a very firm surface to rest on. The mattress springs can only compress, so as well as feeling firmer, the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress will be muted

Sprung edge

Features a complete unit of shallow pocket springs on top of a foam layer, which is enclosed by a wooden box frame. This allows the springs in the mattress to open as well as compress, for a softer feel than a solid-top base

True edge

A complete open coil or pocket spring unit that's fully sprung, right to the edge. Mattress and base springs mould to the body and increase mattress durability

The divan base you choose will affect how your mattress feels. If you’re buying a base, consider the type of mattress you wish to accompany it, and try them together if possible

Top tips

Think about all your sleep elements

Your bed, mattress and pillows all work in conjunction to offer support, so try out all elements together. Whatever type of bed you're buying, remember to try it with the same, or similar mattress, to the one it will eventually accompany. Read our mattresses buying guide here.

Find your price

A good bed doesn’t have to cost the earth, but remember how important a good night’s sleep is for your health and wellbeing. Decide which features are most important to you and keep those in mind when testing out options, so you get the most for your money.

Try it out…

A bed is an investment and determines your quality of sleep, so take the time to lie on a number of options before committing to that final purchase. When testing out a bed or mattress, make sure you take your time. Lie for a few minutes on each surface, moving through various positions and finding your natural sleeping pose.

Consider your space

One of the most common sleeping issues is not having enough space, so invest in as large a size as possible according to your budget and the space available in your home – the bigger the better. Make sure you try out the options together and take the time to consider the space and features which will benefit you both.

In many cases, we can assemble your new bed, and take away the old mattress - find out more

Measuring up

All John Lewis beds are available in standard UK sizes, and are sized according to the mattress that they take. If you
have an international-sized mattress or bed linen, check that they are compatible with your intended bed frame or divan.

Bed/Mattress name Mattress size (cm)
Small single W75 x L190
Single W90 x L190
Small double W120 x L190
Double W135 x L190
Kingsize W150 x L200
Super kingsize W180 x L200
Super kingsize zipped and linked W180 x L200
Complete your bed


Read our mattress buying guide for more information

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Bed linen

Read our bed linen buying guide for more information

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