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What type of lights do I need?

Brighten up your desk, give living rooms a warm glow or place a security light outside: lighting your home is often as much about creating a mood as it is about functionality.

If you buy lighting in our shops, you can also take advantage of our installation service - find out more.

Need help with bulbs or switches? Take a look at our Bulbs, switches & dimmers guide here 


Pendant ceiling lights

  • Perfect as a feature in stairwells
  • Hang between landings or suspend from high ceilings
  • Often surrounded by a light shade
  • Create a focus in your room - over a kitchen island or breakfast bar
  • Smaller pendant lights look great in multiples in arrangements tailored to fit a space
free standing machines

Cluster lights

  • Draws single pendant lights together
  • Create a group for a striking effect
  • Great over dining tables
cluster lights

Multi arm and chandeliers

  • A number of lights coming from a single central fixture
  • Available in many styles
  • Create a design statement
multi-arm and chandeliers

Flush/ Semi Flush ceiling lights

  • Perfect for lower ceilings
  • Lie flat against the ceiling to save space
flush ceiling lights
Flush light


  • Small, bright lights that sit fairly close to the ceiling
  • Sometimes made up of several adjustable lights along a metal bar
  • Enhance visibility where you need it


Wall lamps

  • Affixed to the wall, for an elegant up-lighted look
  • Create statement walls
  • Brighten dark corners
wall lamps

Task lamps

  • Produce targeted light to assist you as you work, read or apply makeup
  • Help to focus attention and reduce eye strain
task lamps

Shades and Bases

  • The height of your base should be roughly equal to the width of your shade 
  • Classic bases worked well paired with tapered shades
  • Modern bases work well with straight-sided drum shades
  • Oval and rectangular shades are great for space saving
  • Taller profile shades give a more contemporary look
  • We give a recommended bulb type for all our shades, for both look and safety 
Shades and bases

Table lamps

  • Usually decorative
  • Available in a variety of shapes
  • 3-stage touch dimmers available
  • Offer softer light
  • Smaller scales great for bedsides in pairs
  • Duo packs available offering great value for money
table lamps

Floor lamps

  • Offer freestanding light around rooms
  • We stock matching or coordinating table and floor lamps
  • Illuminate darker corners
  • Overarching shapes make a statement
  • Slimmer profiles available for smaller spaces
  • Great to illuminate dark corners
  • LED strip styles give a contemporary edge
floor lamps

SAD and wake up lamps

  • Mimic sunrise, sunset and daylight
  • Help to regulate your sleep/wake cycle
  • Help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Boost mood, energy and productivity levels
sad and wake up lamps


LED lighting

  • Save up to 90% energy
  • The latest light bulb technology
  • An average 25,000 hour lifespan
  • Stays cool, unlikely to overheat
led lighting

Outdoor and security lighting

  • Sensor and PIR lights detect movement and then turn on
  • Add ambience with outdoor pendants, lanterns and line lights
  • Portable stakes allow you to illuminate pathways and flower beds
  • Decorative portable options add ambience to your outdoor space
  • Chargeable/ solar lines allow flexibility of location
outdoor lighting

Smart lighting

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to adjust your lighting levels and colour ambience
  • Control remotely or at home
  • Great for energy saving or to give you peace of mind
smart lighting


For outdoor or bathroom lighting check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating.
The higher the rating, the more protected lighting is. You need a minimum IP44 rating.

The first digit refers to the degree you’re protected from any contact with moving parts, and the degree the light is protected from anything getting inside. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘6’ (dust tight).

The second digit indicates how much moisture (drips, spray or jets) the light can withstand. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘8’ (protection from complete, continuous submersion in water).

For example, an IP44 rating means nothing bigger than 1mm can get in, and it’s safe from splashing water.


Discover all you need to know about the types of bulbs we offer, plus which switches and dimmers are available in our collection.

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We recommend using LED bulbs in our products as they are longer-lasting and more energy efficient.
Our range of LED bulbs is now available in a variety of shapes and shades of white, from a classic warm glow to bright daylight.



  • Stands for 'compact fluorescent' lightbulbs
  • Energy-saving and more energy efficient than tungsten light bulbs


  • Every fitted light comes with a class rating
  • Class I fittings are earthed by a separate earth conductor
  • Class II or double-insulated are designed so that you do not require a safety connection to electrical earth

Energy rating

  • All our lights are rated in terms of energy efficiency classes, from A+++ to D
  • LED bulbs are usually A grade and halogen bulbs are generally D grade

Integrated LED

  • Where the LED light source is built into the product
  • An average 25,000 hour lifespan

IP rating

  • Stands for 'ingress protection': defines the level of sealing effectiveness of electrical fittings against moisture, dirt etc
  • The higher the rating, the more protected it is
  • For outdoor or bathroom lighting you need a minimum IP44 rating


  • The colour temperature given to the light source
  • A low kelvin value produces a warm yellow light, while a higher value produces a cool blue, more energizing light
  • 2000k is similar to candlelight, whereas daylight is closer to 6500k


  • Stands for light-emitting diode
  • Extra-bright, energy efficient and long-lasting
  • Uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources


  • Measurement of light output
  • The higher the number the brighter the light


  • Stands for 'seasonal affective disorder': caused by lack of bright light in winter and recognised by the medical profession and the World Health Organisation
  • Symptoms vary from feeling low and lethargic to more serious feelings of despair and anxiety. Other symptoms can include overeating and sleep problems, especially difficulty waking on dark mornings.
  • A number of lighting products to help with SAD

Smart lighting

  • Lighting that connects to an app on your smartphone
  • Allows you to control it remotely


  • The operating power of a lamp, or the amount of energy a lamp consumes
  • The maximum wattage for your light is on the label in your light's bulb holder


  • Known for good quality of light
  • Lasting life compared to tungsten bulbs


Lighting installation services

When you buy lighting in our shops, our qualified NICEIC-registered electricians can install wall, ceiling or outdoor lights to an existing safe wiring point, on domestic premises.

First light - £59    |     Each additional light - £45


FREE Standard delivery on orders over £50

£3.50 for orders under £50

We also offer next and named day delivery for an additional fee.

light examples



  • Dust on the surface of a bulb could reduce the bulb output by 50%, so keep them dust free

  • Clean light bulbs with a dry cloth only

  • Before removing a bulb from a fixture, turn it off and allow it to cool

  • Consider LEDs for children’s rooms - they don’t get as hot as other types of bulbs

  • If you break a CFL bulb, ventilate the room for 20—30 minutes and use gloves to remove debris - remember to recycle it afterwards

  • Use a plug timer to fit over your existing light plug socket for security and environmental purposes - alternatively use an electronic timer or smart lighting

  • Turn incandescent and halogen bulbs off when you’re not using them - they’re less efficient than CFLs and LEDs


All CFL and LED bulbs should be recycled at your nearest recycling bank,
which will be found at


We offer a 5-year guarantee on John Lewis & Partners brand lighting, including LED lighting.

If you need to make a claim, please email our Customer service team
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