Lighting Buying Guide

Brighten up your desk, give living rooms a warm glow or place a security light outside: lighting your home is often as much about creating a mood as it is about functionality.

Our lighting range helps you get the best out of every room, and your outdoor space, too. Plus, when you buy lighting in our shops, we can even install it for you

What do you want your lights to offer?


Create a mood in bedrooms and living rooms with ceiling lighting to give space a warm glow

Use for

Making a statement
Central room lighting
Finishing a look

Task light

Use these targeted lights to get on with the task in hand, without straining your eyes

Use for

Desk work
Make up


Brighten dark corners with floor lamps and wall lights, for illumination at accent points around rooms

Use for

Statement walls
Lighting dark corners


Functional lighting offers bright light in one area, for enhanced visibility when you need it

Use for

Illuminating your kitchen

Up to 5 years guarantee

What are the different light styles?

Ceiling lights
Pendant ceiling lights

Pendant ceiling lights
Ideal for... Ambience

A common light style, these hang from the ceiling, and are often surrounded by a shade


Cluster lights
Ideal for... Ambience
Cluster lighting draws single pendant lights together, creating a cluster of light for a striking effect – ideal over dining tables

Multi-arm and chandeliers

Multi-arm and chandeliers
Ideal for... Ambience

A number of lights coming from a single central fixture. Many chandeliers often ornate but arrive in many styles

Flush ceiling lights

Flush ceiling lights
Ideal for... Ambience, Functionality

Ideal for lower ceilings, flush ceiling lights lie flat against the ceiling to save space


Ideal for... Functionality, Accenting

These small, bright lights sit fairly close to the ceiling. Spotlights are usually made up of several adjustable lights along a metal bar

Wall lights

Wall lights
Ideal for... Ambience, Functionality

These lights are affixed to the wall, for an elegant uplighted look

Table lamps

Table lamps
Ideal for... Ambience, Functionality

Usually decorative, table lamps are available in a variety of designs to add to visuals and offer soft light

Desk/task lamps

Task lamps
Ideal for... Brightness, Ambience

Task lighting offers targeted light to assist you as you work, draw, write and read

Floor lamps

Floor lamps
Ideal for... Ambience, Accenting

Offer freestanding light around rooms. You can often find matching or co-ordinating table and floor lamps

SAD lamps

SAD lamps
Ideal for... Functionality

Specialist SAD lamps mimic daylight to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, a depressive condition triggered by low sunlight throughout winter months

LED Lights

Saving up to 90% energy, LED lighting is the next-step in light bulb technology, with an average 25,000 hour lifespan

Outdoor & security lights

Many of these lights detect when someone is moving outside and turn on: ideal for when you need to find your keys, and for security

Novelty lights

These can include line lights for in and outdoors, as well as freestanding lights for decorating rooms

Did you know...? Smart lighting lets you control your lighting from your smartphone when you're out of the house. Shop smart lighting

Safety information

Outdoor and bathroom lights

When buying a light for outdoors or for the bathroom you need to check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The higher the rating, the more protected lighting is.

The first digit refers to the degree you’re protected from any contact with moving parts, and the degree the light is protected from anything getting inside. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘6’ (dust tight).

The second digit indicates how much moisture (drips, spray or jets) the light can withstand. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘8’ (protection from complete, continuous submersion in water). For example, an IP44 rating means nothing bigger than 1mm can get in, and it’s safe from splashing water.

For outdoor or bathroom lighting you need a minimum IP44 rating.

Jargon buster


Stands for 'compact fluorescent' lightbulbs: these are energy-saving and more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs


Certain ceiling lights require specific dimmers to work safely, please consult your electrician about which dimmer is appropriate. For your light to be dimmable, ensure your light has a dimmable bulb. Find out more about bulbs, switches and dimmers here


Every fitted light comes with a class rating that is important when wiring a light. Class I fittings are earthed by a separate earth conductor. Class II or double-insulated are designed so that you do not require a safety connection to electrical earth


A ceiling shade that does not require hard wiring and can easily be added to an existing pendant cord, also known as non-electric pendant lights

Energy Rating

All our lights have an energy rating rated in terms of a set of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to D, A+++ being the most efficient

Integrated LED

A lighting product where the LED light source is built into the product and is generally not replaceable


We recommend you use a qualified electrician to install your lighting. We also offer an installation service - find out more

IP rating

Stands for 'ingress protection': defines the level of sealing effectiveness of electrical fittings against moisture, dirt etc. The higher the rating, the more protected it is - for outdoor or bathroom lighting you need a minimum IP44 rating


Determines the colour temperature of the light. A low kelvin value produces a warm yellow light, while a higher value produces a cool blue, more energizing light. 2000k is similar to candlelight, whereas daylight is closer to 6500k


Stands for light-emitting diode: a type of electronic light source that is extra-bright, energy efficient and long-lasting. LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources


The measurement of light output: the higher the number the brighter the light


Stands for 'seasonal affective disorder': caused by lack of bright light in winter and recognised by the medical profession and the World Health Organisation. Symptoms vary from feeling low and lethargic to more serious feelings of despair and anxiety. Other symptoms can include overeating and sleep problems, especially difficulty waking on dark mornings. There are a number of lighting products to help with SAD

Smart lighting

Lighting that connects to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to control it remotely


The operating power of a lamp, or the amount of energy a lamp consumes. To find out the maximum wattage for your light, look for the label on your light's bulb holder