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What type of mattress do I need?

Open spring mattress

If you…

  • Need a more affordable mattress
  • Want something for a guest bedroom

Then consider an open spring mattress because…

  • These mattresses are are cheaper - due to the contruction, type of spring and filling content
  • They're perfect for occasional use such as in a guest bedroom
An example of the inside of an open spring mattress

Pocket spring mattress

If you…

  • Want more comfort than open spring
  • Want your mattress to last
  • Want to minimise the risk of you rolling towards your sleeping partner

Then consider a pocket spring mattress because…

  • Springs work independently to respond to individual body weight and shapes
  • They’re very hardwearing
An example of the inside of a pocket sprung mattress

Memory foam mattress

If you…

  • Have problems with allergies
  • Need more support

Then consider a memory foam mattress because…

  • The mattress moulds to your body shape
  • Helps to align your spine
  • It’s made from synthetic materials with anti-microbial properties
An example of the inside of a memory foam mattress


These features are independent of what type of mattress you choose.

Customised size mattresses

Bespoke options can be made to order, direct from the supplier - please ask in our shops. The supplier will deliver within 4-6 weeks.

Mattress tension

You use your mattress for several hours a day and so it gets a lot of wear and will lose tension over time. To sleep well and keep your spine and joints healthy, do consider changing your mattress at least every 10 years.

The best bed is different for everyone. Someone with a very light frame would need a softer spring to allow the mattress to cushion them well. A heavier person may need a firm spring to give them the right level of support.

What kind of sleeper am I?

You should also think about the position you mainly sleep in, whether on your side, back or front. Spinal alignment is important and so it demands a different type of mattress depending on the dominant sleeping position:

  • Side sleeper? You’ll need a softer spring to allow your shoulder and hip to sink into the mattress, keeping the spine straight without causing pressure points on the joints.
  • Back sleeper? Check that the tension of the mattress allows the bed to cushion right into your lower back so there’s no gap. Try sliding a hand underneath the base of your spine; if it’s easy, the mattress may be too firm, too tight and it may be too soft.
  • Front sleeper? You’ll usually need a mattress with more support so there are few gaps between your body and the mattress. The aim is to maintain a neutral position in your spine and neck - consider going without a pillow if necessary.

Soft mattresses are only available in store.

Zip and link

Zip and link mattresses allow couples to maintain their individual comfort needs if their mattress preferences are different, for example if you need firm and your partner a medium.

As it also creates independent sleep surfaces, this type of mattress reduces disturbance from the other person during sleep.


If you sleep with a partner, then buy the biggest bed and mattress you can to give each other the most space possible for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Most accessories are mattress-size specific.

Mattress toppers

Choose a natural (for example goose made from down and feather) or synthetic topper (such as siliconised polyester or memory foam). Most of our toppers are a dual layer construction, with a removable top for easy laundering.

Mattress protectors

Most have Micro-Fresh technology, adding dynamic 99.9% germ-free properties to our bedding, which prevents the spread of harmful bacteria. Some are waterproof and all are machine-washable.

If you’ve had your bed for over 10 years, its materials could have deteriorated by up to 75%. Like your mattress, we recommend changing your bed every 7-10 years.

If you’re buying or replacing a divan base, we recommend buying a mattress at the same time. The two are made to work together and a divan base will affect how your mattress feels and performs.


How to pay (Interest Free Credit)

If you’re spending £1000 or more on your bed, our payment plan allows you to spread the cost of your purchase (0% APR representative, subject to status. Terms & conditions apply).

What are my delivery options?

All our mattresses can be delivered for free, some within 3 days depending on your postcode.

You can also pay for next day delivery from £19.95.

Mattress services

In many cases, we’re able to collect and recycle your old divan and/or mattress for you. If offered, will be found on the product page of your chosen mattress.

For £24.95, when we deliver your new mattress or divan we can collect your old one and dispose of it responsibly.

We can only offer the disposal service when your new mattress or divan is being delivered by our green van crew, and not by our suppliers or third-party couriers.

There are some other terms and conditions attached to these services, so please check these using the link below:


Toppers and protectors are also useful if you’re
currently renting out or living in furnished accommodation.



  • Rotate your double-sided mattress head to foot and turn it over completely once a fortnight for the first 12 weeks, then once a month (unless it's a no-turn mattress, in which case just rotate it)
  • Rotate latex and memory foam mattresses through 180 degrees monthly
  • Air your mattress for 4 hours after delivery to freshen and remove any odour from storage
  • Ensure the room is well-ventilated and leave the covers on the bed pulled back during the day for the first few weeks - that way the naturally occurring smell from natural fillings will dissipate
  • Air your mattress on a weekly basis by turning back the bed linen for a few hours
  • Use a mattress protector or an under blanket below the sheet
  • Clean the mattress every few months with a soft brush, do not vacuum as this can damage the filling
  • Clean spills with a dry cloth, then sponge with a slightly damp cloth and a mild detergent solution


  • Turn latex and memory foam mattresses
  • Use a new mattress on a very old divan base as it can damage the mattress
  • Roll or fold the mattress, this will damage the internal components
  • Sit on the edge of the bed a lot - it puts undue strain on the springs at the edges and can damage the mattresses border
  • Let children jump on the mattress as it will potentially snap tufts and pop springs
  • Use a plastic sheet on or under the mattress as this prevents air circulation and can cause condensation - we sell breathable, waterproof bedding


All John Lewis & Partners-branded adult mattresses and divan bases are guaranteed
for 7 years from the date of purchase (2 years for selected mattresses from House by John Lewis).