Men's jeans buying guide


Jeans are a style essential season after season, and they're the simplest building block for any casual outfit. Take a look at our guide to work out which style will suit you best, and then browse through our collection of jeans to find your perfect pair.

Watch our video on choosing Diesel jeans.


First, to get the best fit from your jeans, you'll need to measure yourself.


Stand with your feet apart and wrap a tape measure around the slimmest part of your natural waist.

Inside leg

Standing up straight, measure from your crotch to the hem of your jeans or trousers. Asking someone else to measure for you, so you can keep your legs straight, will make the measurement more accurate.

Choosing a style

Straight, Tapered or bootcut?

Denim trends come and go, but these are the classics that you'll see every year.


Choosing a colour

Dark, mid or light, denim comes in many colours. This will guide you through the main groups so you can find a pair that will remain stylish for years.


Caring for your jeans

Jeans can last for years if you look after them well.
Here are just a few care and wear tips for keeping your denim looking tip-top.


  • Wash your jeans inside out to maintain the colour and use a gentle cycle on your washing machine; some brands recommend a cold wash, so check the care label first.
  • When drying your jeans, make sure you check first to see if they can be tumble dried as this could shrink them. If not, it's best to dry them away from sunlight as this can fade your denim.
  • The dye in dark washes can transfer onto light fabrics so wash them before wearing for the first time.If your jeans need turning up, make sure you wash them before hemming. This will put the denim through any initial shrinking before you take any off the bottom.

Points to remember

  • Jeans come in different sizes depending upon the brand so don't always be swayed by the size inside the label - if they fit comfortably and look good, it doesn't matter if they aren't your "normal" size.