Menswear size guide

When buying clothing online you'll want to choose the right size to avoid returns, so we recommend you double check your measurements and refer to the charts below. Size and fit can vary from brand to brand, so please use them as general guides only.

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Measuring tips

First of all, stand barefoot in your underwear. For best results take your measurements a few times, or have someone else  measure you. Take care not to hold the measuring tape too loosely or to pull it too taut.

Measure around the base of your neck where your collar would normally sit.

Measure around your chest at its broadest and fullest part, but avoid placing the tape too high under your arms.

Measure around your natural waistline, at the point your waistband or belt usually sits.

Inside leg
Measure from the top of your inside leg at the crotch to the floor.

Jacket length
Measure from the centre of your neck, around about the 4th vertebrae, to where the hemline should be around your bottom.

Jackets and coats
Because these are normally worn over other clothing, you'll find we've been more generous with the sizing, so you shouldn't need to go up a size to allow for layering.

Garment lengths can differ from style to style, so for trousers, refer to the individual product description. These lengths are approximate.

How garments are sized

The sizing on the garment label is based on the average body, with a height of 5'10" - so "to fit size x " is a net body measurement.

Patterns for clothing are produced 1% - 2% over body measurements, depending on the garment type, to account for a variety of body shapes and/or desired fashion fit for that type of garment, such as close tailored or loose relaxed fitting.

Styling of trousers for instance, is no longer dependent on them being worn high on the natural waistline these days, but worn lower, just above the hip. As that's a wider part of the body, the stated waist measurement "to fit size 38" will actually be larger than 38".

Casualwear sizing

Tops, knitwear and casual jackets

Size Chest (inches) Chest (cm)
XS 33-35 84-89
S 36-38 91.5-96.5
M 39-41 99-104
L 42-44 107-112
XL 45-47 114-119.5

Jeans and casual trousers

Size Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
S 30-32 76-81
M 33-35 84-89
L 36-38 92-97
Inside leg Length (inches/cm)
Short 30"/76.5cm
Regular 32"/81cm
Long 34"/ 86.5cm

Formalwear sizing

Formal jackets

Size UK/USA Europe
XS 36"86cm 46
S 38"/96cm 48
M 40"/101cm 52
L 42"/106cm 52
XL 44"/111cm 54

Formal shirts

Collar (inches/cm) Chest (inches/cm)
14.5"/37cm 36"/92cm
15"/38cm 38"/98cm
15.5"/40cm 40"/102cm
16"/41cm 42"/107cm
16.5"/42cm 44"/112cm
17"/43cm 46"/117cm
17.5"/45cm 48"/122cm

Formal trousers

Waist (inches) Waist(cm)
28" 71cm
30" 76cm
32" 81cm
34" 86cm
36" 91cm

Formal trousers

Inside leg Length (inches/cm)
Short 30"/76cm
Regular 32"/81cm
Long 34"/86.5cm

Shoe sizing


UK Europe USA Japan
6 40 7 24
6.5 40.5 7.5 24.5
7 41 8 25
7.5 41.5


8 42 9 26
8.5 42.5 9.5 26.5
9 43 10 27
9.5 43.5 10.5 27.5
10 44 11 28
10.5 44.5 11.5 28.5
11 45 12 29
11.5 45.5 12.5 29.5
12 46 13 30
12.5 46.5 13.5 30.5
13 47 14