Our approach to timber sourcing


We recognise the importance of using responsibly sourcing timber in our products. Forests need to be carefully managed, but standards can vary: Forest Stewardship Council® certification is one of the ways of ensuring we use sustainably sourced timber. 

What is the Forest Stewardship Council?

Our timber policy

We’re committed to supporting and giving preference to timber and paper products that are certified, and actively work with suppliers to offer you products made from credibly certified sources.

Currently only 10% of the world’s forests are independently certified; where certification is not possible, our policy ensures our products only use timber and paper obtained from known, legal and well-managed forests.

We trace the origin of all of our sources to ensure that at every point in the supply chain timber has been traded in accordance with national forestry laws and standards, and that all human rights have been respected.

Find more information on our timber policy and the work we do around timber sourcing here (opens in new window).

Looking for more information?

Download a copy of our timber sourcing policy here. More general information on responsible timber sourcing can be found at the following sites:

Forest Stewardship Council (opens in a new window)

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (opens in a new window)