Women's shoes buying guide


When buying shoes online, it's important to get the right size, so check our handy size charts on individual product pages for details. Take a look at women's shoes here.

Buying tips

  • The best time to try on shoes is after work or on a busy day when feet are at their most swollen.
  • Always try shoes on when standing as your feet spread while taking full pressure of your body weight. 
  • For a wide calf fit, or wider shoe fit, Gabor will normally have a few classic styles that will be suitable for your specific needs.

Heel heights

Heel heights are measured by lying the shoe on a flat surface and measuring the heel from the bottom to the top.

Heel height diagram

On the site, we've put our shoes into different heel height categories - Flat, Low, Mid and High. Refer to the chart to give you an idea of how high the shoe will be. Please use the chart as a general guide only as sizes do vary from brand to brand.

Block heel
Wedge heel
Heel height chart
Flat 0 - 2.5cm
Low 2.5 - 6cm
Mid 6 - 8cm
Kitten Heel
Stiletto heel

The main shoe styles

Court shoes
Ankle Boots
Knee Boots
Pump shoes
Calf Boots


shoe terminology

Shoe-makers terminology for areas of the boot

Brogues & Loafers

Caring for your shoes

Leather shoes

Before wearing leather shoes, use a leather protector and wear shoes in dry conditions for the first few occasions. This gives the shoes the opportunity to get used to the way the foot flexes and to build up a protection on the surface of the sole.

Try and avoid wearing shoes on consecutive days to allow time for drying and airing between wearing.

Wet shoes

Wet shoes should be allowed to dry naturally (never by artificial heat) stuffed with newspaper or tissues to absorb moisture. Harsh drying can easily ruin leather soles and cause the uppers to stiffen and warp.


It's always best to use shoe trees to help maintain the shape of the shoe, to reduce creasing and help keep the sole from 
curling up.

High heels

To protect your feet from chaffing or slipping when wearing heels, try adding a foot or heel cushion.

Cushioned insoles

Adding a soft rubber or leather insole to your shoes will cushion your feet. They can be cut to size and leather insoles will also absorb odours.