Top 10 tips for making the most of your space

Top 10 tips

for making the most of your space

We could all do with a bit more room, but deciding how to streamline your home can be a challenge.

If you’re finding clutter taking over your environment, it’s time for a rescue refresh: read on for our top tips to banish clutter and make more of your space.

1 Take control


Take control

First, sort through your possessions. Consciously edit as you organise – keep things that bring you joy, and think about being ruthless with the rest

like-it shoe racks and organisers

like-it clothes storage

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2 Look up


Look up

Stack up on storage with high shelving: an attractive way to make your space work harder

like-it boxes and baskets

Bookcases & shelving units

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3 Clear your cupboards


Clear your cupboards

Got a habit of throwing things into the cupboard under the stairs? Enhance the space with organisers for different items

Boxes & baskets

Shoe organisers

4 The everything drawer


The everything drawer

Every home has at least one drawer that's home to all sorts of small items. Revolutionise your drawers with these organisers to help you find everything you need

like-it drawer units

5 A little pick-me-up


A little pick-me-up

Emulate your favourite chefs with a kitchen hanging rack – they show off your pans while freeing up floors and worktops

Hanging racks

6 Start reflecting


Start reflecting

Mirrored surfaces create an illusion of space – a time-honoured trick that really works


7 Make it multi-purpose


Make it multi-purpose

Form multi-use spaces with furniture. Go from study to guest room with a sofa bed; make space with a storage divan in the bedroom; and choose office chairs that look good at the dining table

Office desks

Divan & storage beds

Dining chairs

8  Keep it light


Keep it light

Select neutral bases for walls, and lift with a couple of colourful accessories, or wallpaper on a statement wall

Neutral paints

9 Take the floor


Take the floor

Floor clutter can make rooms appear smaller than they are – neatly store wires and opt for furniture with raised legs to increase the effect of space

AVF cable tidy

Living room furniture

10 Get in the zone


Get in the zone

Use colour or furniture to create zones in a single space. Paint or wallpaper a corner wall to mark an workspace, signal an entrance with vinyl tiles or section off a living area using a sofa back as a divider


Vinyl tiles


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