Perfect presents for top teachers

Gift ideas for teachers
Maggie Westhead,-Digital Editor

School’s nearly over for the year, but what to buy your child’s teacher to show your appreciation? We asked teachers what they’d really love

It’s that whirlwind time of year when sports day is done, reports are filed and children, parents and teachers are all getting set for the big summer break. Time to say goodbye to your child’s current teacher, that special person who has nurtured and inspired your little (or big) one. It can be a strangely emotional moment. But how do you show your true gratitude? We ask five teachers for their best gift ideas.

Presents for teachers

Something special

If you’re clubbing together as a class, all the teachers and class reps we spoke to agreed you can’t go wrong with John Lewis & Partners vouchers. ‘Vouchers are great as it means you can put them towards something you’ve been saving for and you can take yourself shopping,’ says year 1 teacher Alison Marshall.

If you want to buy something a bit more individual, you could start by looking at our curated Find, Keep, Give collection. ‘Receiving anything from pupils is always lovely,’ says year 7 teacher Orla Riley. ‘Flowers make me smile but you can’t go wrong with stationery or a scented candle.’ Any no-nos? ‘I’d say avoid chocolate, alcohol or plants that will die during the summer holidays,’ she says.

Practical makes perfect

Many of the teachers we talked to said they like to receive gifts that they can use at school. ‘I love to get something I can use in the classroom,’ says year 5 teacher Tim Wallace. ‘A reusable coffee cup or water bottle would go down well, as would notebooks and pens, which will always get used.’

That said, the teachers we chatted to also mentioned they liked anything with individual meaning, like a book by their favourite author, theatre vouchers or something with their name on it.

Get personal

‘I always love getting something personalised or something practical like a notebook, an academic diary, or hand cream as you have to wash your hands so often at school,’ says reception teacher Justine Spencer. All the teachers we spoke to said the most heartfelt and memorable gift they can receive is a personal note from your child.

‘As a secondary school teacher you don’t get as many gifts. I think the nicest thing is a handwritten card with a personal message and if it’s accompanied by homemade cake then all the better,’ says year 9 teacher Milly Barnes.

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