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Jennifer Stefaniuk,-Editor

The temperature’s falling, and autumn has officially begun. Just like you might update your wardrobe with warm layers and cosy touches, update your perfume for the new season with an autumn-friendly fragrance. But which to pick? We’ve created an occasion-inspired guide, with the perfect scent to suit any event.

For Autumn Walks

If you’re surrounded by the great outdoors, why not take inspiration from nature? If you find traditional floral fragrances overly sweet for your taste, this season’s crop is for you: more fresh and less intense than the scents of bygone years.

Lancôme’s Idôle offers up a bouquet of jasmine and rose, with a twist. The jasmine - a powerful floral that can prove overwhelming - is toned down to a gentle creaminess, while the rose remains natural and delicate. A touch of musk in a chypre accord grounds the fragrance with a hint of sophistication. The result? A clean, unfussy floral for the modern woman.   

Givenchy’s Eau de Givenchy Rosée similarly steers clear of old-fashioned connotations thanks to an abundance of green notes. Although the heart of this perfume is that much-loved queen of flowers, the rose, it’s surrounded by green foliage and blooming trees. Aquatic water hyacinth brings a dash of cool water; jasmine tantalises; and white musk finishes the fragrance with a cloud of powdery softness.

For Date Night

Date nights call for something slightly sultry and intriguing. For a decidedly untraditional scent, try Twilly d’Hermes Eau Poivrée. Poivrée, meaning ‘peppery’, introduces this fragrance perfectly: adorned with a playful ribbon, the perfume within is designed to surprise. The first impression is of fiery pink pepper, softened by a woody sweetness, courtesy of base note sandalwood. Sensual yet striking, mischievous and unusual, this is a fragrance that defies expectations. 


For a romantic, nostalgic effect, enter Gucci’s Mémoire d’Une Odeur. Designed to explore fragrance’s power to evoke specific past scenes and emotions, this perfume is ageless, genderless, and defies categorisation - it’s the first of an all-new fragrance family created by Gucci, which the brand has named ‘Mineral Aromatic’. At once airy and musky, the fragrance features Roman chamomile is at its heart, while Indian coral jasmine petals add a caress of tenderness. Warm sandalwood and airy cedar are topped with an irresistible vanilla note.

For After-Work Drinks

If you’re looking to impress colleagues with something sophisticated and modern, Tom Ford, the king of cool, has created a correspondingly cutting-edge fragrance: Tom Ford Métallique. This unusual fragrance opens with an impression of steely metal thanks to an ingredient known as an aldehyde. Sometimes called ‘rocket fuel’ for fragrance, due to their power to increase the intensity of scent, all aldehydes create a different effect - the metallic variations have been selected here to give the olfactory impression of flashing armour; perfect for a resolute and confident woman. 

Beneath this metallic veneer, however, is a floral heart - delicate white hawthorn blossom and lily of the valley, as well as powdery heliotrope. Woody balsam meets vanilla and sandalwood for a contrasting finish of steeliness and softness - and a lingering enigmatic impression. 

For the empowered woman, Yves Saint Laurent’s Libre is confidence in a couture bottle. With a name that translates as ‘Free’, this fragrance has been created for the woman who lives life exactly as she wants. The fragrance is a grand floral scent, bursting into life with sensual orange blossoms hand-picked in Morocco, paired with aromatic boldness of French lavender. Lavender, traditionally used in male perfumery is given an ultra-feminine facet, culminating in a daring scent with a unique YSL twist. 

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