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We sell lots of gorgeous decorations, but if you have time and willing hands, it’s great fun to make your own too. Follow our video tutorials and unleash your creativity


Pompom wreath

1: Choose your colour combinations using wools and yarns

2: Start to make your pompoms using the pom pom makers, in a variety of sizes

Wrap the wool around the pompom maker
Do the other side and cut the thread
Cut the yarn through the middle
Tie some yarn through the middle
Pull the pompom maker apart

3: Attach the pompoms to the wreath by tying them on, starting with the largest

4: Hang the pompom wreath

5: Add your favourite decorations, then stand back and admire


Yarn tassel bunting

1: You will need a notebook (the size will determine the length of your tassels), a crochet hook, wool in a variety of colours, and some scissors

2: Wrap a length of yarn around the notebook about 20 times

3: Cut through the bottom

4: Tie a piece of yarn through the top and tie a knot

5: Wrap another piece of yarn around using the crochet hook to form the tassel shape

6: Repeat with a variety of colours and attach to a ribbon

7: Hang your yarn tassel bunting


Watercolour wreath with Christmas calligraphy

1: Sketch a circle, and paint your wreath in using watercolours on watercolour paper

2: Write out your favourite Christmas slogan in hand lettering using manuscript pens

3: Add some sparkle with a metallic calligraphy pen

4: Display your finished calligraphy wreath in a frame


Personalised baubles

Put their name on it with a steady hand and a glass pen




Winter Palace

An old Russian folktale inspires this collection, beckoning you into a beautiful palace.


Inspired by the spirit of a traditional Christmas, Folklore celebrates colour and pattern.

Highland Myths

Take to the hills for a cosy Christmas inspired by Scottish heritage.