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Make the best meal of the year go with a bang from start to finish with our selection of handy kitchen gadgets

Baste for extra taste

Banish all chances of dry turkey for good with our baster. Just draw up the pan juices by squeezing the festive red bulb and release all that juicy goodness over the top of the roast. Keep basting periodically throughout cooking for tender, succulent meat. 

Carving just got easy

When it comes to carving the festive joint, those perfect slices we all hope for often turn into a bit of a makeshift mess. Not with this carving tool. Carving roasted meats is easier than ever thanks to the perfect grip of the tool, with sharp prongs that hold the meat securely to allow for gentle, even slicing.

Turkey time

Take the guesswork out of cooking the festive roast with these pop-up timers from Eddingtons. All you have to do is stick a timer into your turkey before      you put it in the oven. When the centre of the timer pops up, the bird is cooked. It really is that simple.

Twist and sprout

Love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are a mainstay of the festive feast. If you’re not a fan, this little gadget promises to make them taste better by removing the dense core and allowing them to cook more evenly. Just pierce the stem with the tip of the tool, push it in and twist to trim.

For crunchy spuds

Like your roast potatoes extra crispy? This nifty crisper basket helps you achieve potato perfection without having to use oil or butter. The grill openings allow optimum hot air circulation to help your spuds get that crisp covering, while the non-stick coating means you won’t lose any bits to the bottom of the pan.




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