Why cashmere is worth the investment

Why cashmere is worth the investment
India Price,-Menswear Editor

Cashmere can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth every penny. And here’s why…

There’s no denying the pull of cashmere: its softness, its staying power season after season, the instant feeling of quality that it brings to every outfit. As with many of life’s finer things, it can come at a price, but it’s easily worth the cost. Here are five reasons why.

1. It takes time to produce

Crafting our cashmere takes a huge amount of skill and effort, starting with the specific type of goats whose fleeces provide the cashmere fibres. These can only be collected in spring and just a small amount of fibre is available from each goat – a single cashmere jumper requires the fibres from about four animals – making it a lengthy process. 

2. It will last for years

Each piece of John Lewis & Partners cashmere is crafted from the finest, most resilient fibres in the world, so durability is at the forefront of every item – making each one a sensible investment that’s built to last.

Cashmere from John Lewis

3. It supports independent farmers

From the herders to the factory workers, we’re proud that every single person in our supply chain cares about sustainability and the welfare of the cashmere goats. Carefully considering the type of cashmere you choose means that you’re supporting those whose livestock is their livelihood. 

4. It’s a trans-seasonal fabric

Cashmere doesn’t have to be reserved for just one season: it’s the perfect transitional fabric, working from winter to spring. From thick coats to more lightweight jumpers, cashmere promises to serve you almost all year round.

5. It will never go out of style

Thanks to its timelessness and functionality, cashmere will never go out of style. You’ll still be wearing the pieces you buy now in decades to come, and if that alone isn’t reason enough to invest in cashmere, we’re not sure what is.

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