Heading back to the office? Here’s your style guide…

Back to work essentials for men
India Price,-Menswear Editor

The way we work has changed these days, so why not let your office wardrobe change too?

September is here, which means – for many of us – it’s time for a return to the office. But almost everything about the way we operate has changed these days, including how we work and what we wear when we’re there. With most of us going back in for at least a couple of days a week, though, it pays to start thinking about how to up the style stakes without sacrificing the comfort we’ve all become used to. Read on…

Add the smart into the casual

The last 18 months have seen most of us get used to a certain level of comfort and that shouldn’t be sacrificed just because we're getting back into a physical office space. Combine smart and casual by doing two things – first, pick pieces that have room but still maintain elements of style; and second, pair structured items (a suit, an overcoat, a classic shirt) together with something less so (a cotton polo shirt, a hoodie, a baggier pair of trousers).

What to wear to work

Invest in better tailoring

No matter what kind of office you work in, there are going to be times where a beautiful suit is the only outfit that’ll do. Whether you wear one every day or just need it for important meetings, make this season the one where you invest in a two-piece that can go the distance.

The trick is to find something that you can wear all year round (so picking the right colour and material is key) and to make sure that it fits you properly. Choose a blend of fabrics to keep you warm but not overheated, and stick to grey, black or navy. Struggle to buy off the shelf? Visit our in-store alteration service to get the perfect fit. And remember our helpful guide to picking the best suit online

Upgrade your everyday accessories

Been carrying around the same work bag for years? On the last page of your notebook? A full year and a half away from the office has hopefully given you a newfound appreciation for all of the accessories that you use every day. And if you’re not quite in the market to make big investments, accessories can be just the ticket. A new bag can instantly elevate your everyday outfits and you’ll find simple pleasure in replacing the pieces that you rarely gave a second thought to, such as your laptop case, your notebook, and your sunglasses

What to wear to work

Don’t be afraid to weave in colour or pattern

The majority of offices have definitely adopted a more casual approach over the last few years which can make it hard for your outfit to stand out (if that's what you want). Wave goodbye to the cliché that colour and pattern are only for the warmer months and instead think about weaving some colour or pattern into your everyday workwear. The colours of the moment? Bright orange, bold reds or anything representing autumnal tones. 

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